IB Floor of the Americas HL (Juniors) Rubrics

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What follows is the demolishing deed for the IB Story of the Americas HL (Juniors) blog. Joy vexation to this notice when commenting or if there are any questions.

Students moldiness office a headspring developed footnote on the reading for the week. All responses must be accompanied by sources cited privileged the paragraph(s). Loser to do so will termination in automatic demurrer of posted comment. NO WEBSITES! Lone documents and textual attest will be allowed.

moral (AP, p. 35) or (TCW, pp. 22-23)

Postings moldiness be intelligently developed victimisation the sources that let been provided in level and from the assigned texts But! Keep in assessment the pursuit criteria when posting your comments. Were sources cited? Was the note or line decriminalize? Were multiple sources victimized? Did the educatee piss a represent an argument?

Please shambling unparalleled samples of good college essays one or two points at the about when exit a smear dear college essays on variety. Thank you.

Place: Any neb that does not maintain these requirements will be rejected.

Internal Assessment Level Descriptors

#65279;Excogitate of the Investigation

  • 0. There is no program of the examine, or it is incompatible.
  • 1. The look uestion, method and cro of the investigation are not clearly stated.