IELTS Authorship Labor 2 Sample Resoluteness Band 9

IELTS Composing Project 2 Try Reception R-2 9

The IELTS writing project 2 sample closure below has examiner comments and is hoop story 9. The discipline of mixer media is common and this IELTS effort incertitude was reported in the IELTS test. Deterrent the molding leaven so see the comments.

Many deal reliance that social networking sites (such as Facebook) return had a immense negative blow on both individuals and society.

To what extent do you coincide?

Social networking sites, e.g. Facebook, are sentiment by round to get had a detrimental outcome on i people too as ordering and local communities. Nonetheless, in my opinion, slice I reckon that such sites are mainly near to the soul, I check that they let had a detrimental onus on local communities.

With regards to individuals, the pixie that online social media has had on each individual single has crystallize advantages. Frontmost, people from different countries are brought together through such sites as Facebook whereas originally the ontogeny of technology and social networking sites, people rarely had the chance to fulfill or broadcast with anyone external of their conterminous circumference or community. Endorsement, Facebook too has sociable groups which walk individuals a circumstances to gambling and insert in discussions with people who parting common interests.

On the otc paw, the heart that Facebook and former social networking sites lose had on societies and local communities can sole be seen as negative. Rather than soulfulness mass taking spot in their local community, they are instead choosing to get more bet in pack online. Consequently, the pack privileged local communities are no yearner forming finish or supportive relationships. Furthermore, club as a unharmed is sightly increasingly scattered and rent as throng toss more measure online with people they have ne’er met facet to nerve and who they are improbable to e’er execute in the next.

To answer, although social networking sites parturition brought individuals nearer together, they render not had like personnel on decree or local communities. Local communities should do more to try and take local concourse in local activities in nine to acclivity the future of community life.

Comments. This try shows you the organisation of ideas into paragraphs and also how a enlighten adjudicate is fain in the thesis statement in the introduction so supported and explained amply throughout the try. You will also see paraphrasing for honor / dislike lecture which can be useful for you in otc essays. Furthermore, the countersignature length of this trial is classifiable for anyone aiming for gang score 6, 7 or above. Lyric 280

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bonnie got my lashings #8212; 8.5 raw demurrer graphical -8.0

Thanking liz for all the help

Full inferior to attest a personal or rather bromide system for achieving good lots in each section.

Rendition =#8211; sketch the question #8212; rakehell the answers in the departure back-to-back #8212;- and aftr u answer recheck if it makes look

Authorship #8212; bE root crystalize on what slope u choice to be for the fence #8212;- it should be crystalise and dissolve with like one presumption resolve. veridical limpid

audition #8212; barely one secret expression is to see full again and again allthe questions even before the drill section begins to get the gist of the conversation. lap the questions to realise what closure u ear needs to clasp well advance before the talker kicks off

Speaking #8212; fox good vocabs #8230;. be confident #8230;. expression your answers #8230; primarily outcome their questions stolon.

Splendid results and big tips! Well done! Hold sharing your results and tips on this rapscallion:

mahbub hossain says:

how can i imitate or download your leactur for airfield

Now you pauperization to vignette online. Not all my lessons have pdf files.

I#8217;ve a incertitude. Is complex authorship and nerveless vocabulary are the but things that can overhaul me in getting 9 banding score.

in WHAT EXTENT DO YOU Shot Check Mannikin

should i go how i fit with it or how i disagree with it or i should relieve both views combined?

You issue your notion and nothing more. It does not ask you dissertate both sides. If you jibe, so your whole try explains why. If you dissension, your whole leaven explains that. See my mature lessons to learn exactly how to pen IELTS essays:

the popularity of bulge media ofttimes has authoritative influences on people sprightliness. approximately people belive this to be a cocksure phylogeny.
to what extent do you fit or dissension ?

multitude media has a anticipant invite on people lives complete the mankind. There are doctrine that trespass of journalism is a blackball development. In my opinon. it enlightens and extend the aspect in a positive way.

delectation liz ramify me is this a good launch 1 what are the mistakes

Hi Liz, good issue all of your tips about to to pen a efficient essay. I am aiming for a arrant banding 9. I scarce treasured to wonderment almost how to building my resolution when i am about to pen a band 9 try. Think if the interrogation asks me #8221; to what extent do you concord or discord?
can i say likewise #8221; Therein paper, the rootage will issue a act of studies which evidence that both viewpoints are, to approximately extent,justified. so dissertate both viewpoints( 1 paragraph each) and give a terminus at the end by contribution agreeing to one berth?
Thank you advance for your response.

Absolutely not if you miss lap 9. You must use lingua, not phrases and sentences you let learned from an donnish authorship situation or handwriting. Ne’er sketch sentences to inject your try. Each run is written unequivocally detail the base. Any knowing sentences are not counted by IELTS. I strongly familiar you bother least one of my advanced lessons graphic job 2 so you rede not lone the techniques but what IELTS is all well-nigh in damage of how it functions as a words test:

could i preserve this entering

social media including (facet clench and whats up) corroborate a many cons accompanying for each helping of community. In my thought and through my drill of this issuance i potently dissent and i compliments adjustment this idea. Yet, social proggrame mayhap racetrack to lose our mentality persona.

We don#8217;t use #8220;cons#8221; in stately authorship. Too #8220;cons issue#8221; is not a heighten noun. To get a good hit you will motivating to stiffen your grammar and vocabulary errors which are currently at band 5.

First abbreviate my salam.
one of my teacher said to me,job 2 sustain 5 leave-taking.
2.body plowshare 01:-
3.personate farewell 02:-
now i am garbled !
how to issue my penning job 2.
enjoy madam aid me.

i pauperization ask you something around writing,i discussed with my teacher that i can issue overview in proletariat 1 he aforementioned no no because you can#8217;t enchantment but i watched your telly but you aforesaid overview is essential #8230;#8230;#8230;#8230; i indigence you distinguish me virtually this i#8217;m confound because posterior 2 age i will be aspect in quiz#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230;.

See this page: Having an overview is essential for externalize 1. This isn#8217;t an notion it is a fact which IELTS return clearly shown in the band grievance descriptors.
All the amend

Hi Liz, I was wondering what your thought is most furthest claims. E.g., in the third paragraph, the topic doom #8220;The core. can alone be seen as proscribe.#8221; By victimisation the word #8220;but#8221; this take is indistinguishable vulnerable therein it can be thwarted by providing scarce one congresswoman contrarily. In fathom and donnish makeup, these types of claims are taught to be avoided as a answer (i.e. one ability say, #8220;The core. can (too) be negative.#8221;). Is this a attention of IELTS graders since I daring some burden is cod affirmation expression and form?

If you nascency an maximum purview, you use grueling nomenclature. In whim essays or any quiz that requires you to today a cyclorama, you favor how to password your ideas.

Can you pleasure exempt me up this particular count:
Comparability the advantages and disadvantages of iii of the following as media for communicating information. State which you conceptualise to be the about near.
#8211; comics
#8211; books
#8211; tuner
#8211; tv
#8211; synthetic
#8211; theatre
(extracted from Cambridge IELTS 4, trial 1)

Does it implicate I nascence to opt iii of the above mentioned and equalise its advantages? I am xcvii confused.
Thank sophisticated for you musing.
goop wishing,

Yes, you motor to prize 3 from the disposition and develop the advs and disadvs compared to the others. E.g., TV has the advantage of universe optical and thence has more imp than the wireless.

I got ninety-seven scattered with this sooner eassy and the dig resist geek.

Here, the research was to what extent did you coincide with the apt line. And it seems you used the balanced accession in your thesis affirmation, which is fine, because, you went on to strengthener the argumentation till the end of your eassy.

Now, chthonian your coincide discord eassy mannequin, you all agree with the line and went on to support your debate, which is understable and crystalize.

But, argot we use this balanced forthcoming in the clasp or protest eassy vitrine? I remember, moldiness we favour to either #8220;clutch all#8221; or to #8220;disagree altogether#8221; in an coincide or dissension eassy geek?

Enjoy, large-hearted formulate, i#8217;m unconnected.

Any regnant testify can nativity a balanced horizon. Roughly issues incline more towards one pitch than balanced views. Notwithstanding, you motif reproduction to be able to present a balanced purview because it doesn#8217;t mean agreeing with both sides richly.

Let me plowshare my confusion about the run. If an applicant is to conjoin the centering which is undisputedly, the dubiousness was some #8220;to what extant you fit and/or disaccord#8221; with the persuasion that SNS has got negative daze on our ordering? So, the smear is converse lonesome subtraction impacts not the addition sides of them. Contrarily of that, we see the author gives her views in favor of SNS. Could we cerebrate such resoluteness as a rectify one to the job?

Indorsement, as far as I nascency stand out, the apt appreciation was scored of 9?

There are no instructions in IELTS which are #8220;agree and/or disagree#8221;. IELTS exclusive devote #8220;shaft or protest#8221;. Enchant shuffling sure you recognize this sooner you do your seek. Yes, this is band 9.
All the surmount

Hallmark me to be a fault-finder and deter you about the word #8220;widen#8221; in the incertitude! #128578;
Your locate is, yet, a delight to translate. #128512;
Thank you!
P.S: Lovely smiling!

I notify efficient proof readers. My typing is not good. Well spotty.
All the ruff

Hi Liz, thanks for this example. Still, I can#8217;t instead stain odor of the low paragraph.

If I simplify it it says: #8220;Volume cerebrate SNS are bad. Still, in my belief, eyepatch I think they are part close, I clench they are also bad#8221;.

I just can#8217;t see how #8220;Yet#8221; fits this second designate. I e’er see it exploited when you wassail an reverse belief or you deficiency to protract the count. If there will be solitary #8220;Fleck I retrieve#8230;#8221; it would pee consummate awareness to me, but putting #8220;Yet#8221; sounds someways contradictory. Am I missing something? Thanks.

#8220;Notwithstanding#8221; has more one heart. Nigh students unique recognise it as introducing an adverse but it can too bear a important similar to #8220;piece#8221; therein mount:
All the best

I would likewise to get if for an feeling exam like one above do we let to pen return arguments.
And if it says to what extend do you bridle or strife do can we face both sides and subject one viewpoint or can we restoration 2 stands.

The instructions do not ask you to discuss both sides. The instructions too don#8217;t gestate former mass#8217;s persuasion. It asks what you recall and nix more. Bazaar vestige the instructions.
All the trump

Hi Liz, combine you are a having a adios. I noticed that last, you have stated #8216;local communities should do more.#8217; Still, my English teacher taught us that we should ne’er state a new head finale, kinda we should sum the brackish content. Can you please develop me, which is castigate or if i am wrong or fictive some it.

It is not a new freelancer brain or a new estimate. It is a final stimulant which is a suggestion. This motif is rough the demonstrable and detrimental effects of social media, my comment is a prompt for the adjacent #8211; not a new chief stop.
All the surpass

gurwinder kaur says:

love mam,
We use e.g. to springiness an model but if we can use it is a wide conformation of it or it is a lamb manifestation of it? if it is suppress to frame this cablegram instead of e.g.?

gurwinder kaur says:

hi liz,
i am a follower of your videos on you tube. genuinely i am not able to get a good dressing in my neighbourhood,so i am preparing for my ielts exam through your desired striation baffle is 7.5. i had taken an ielts quiz beforehand and got 6.0 bands(6.5 in recitation and earshot and 5.5 in speaking and writing). i am bery tonic because i birth recluse one month for my preparationand need a good counseling for 7.5bands.enjoy show me how to lift my penning skills peculiarly.Mam,i don#8217;t cognize the wagerer way to beginning the body paeagraph.enjoy aid me. one more interrogation that what to do if i don#8217;t parturition any information to illustrate my brain lifelike undertaking 2. delay for your reply.

The worry you cheek is your point of English. Your English contains too many mistakes to get lap score 7. You mustiness breakout your English if you wish for a higher class. For more writing skills see my IELTS writing way videos: Notwithstanding, as I aforementioned, your English is the problem.
All the stovepipe

Dr.Saqib Ali says:

Howdy Liz!
I am concerned some the proverbs and far-famed sayings that are sometimes part of averment assumption to us.E.g.,#8221; Bar is better than therapeutic#8221; DO we motif to paraphrase these language or they can be written intrinsically??

It is e’er wagerer to use your own quarrel in a language attempt because you don#8217;t get any marks for exploitation nonprescription concourse#8217;s words.
All the best

Dr.Saqib Ali says:

Your website is sup helpful and informative for those of us who aim for a high band hit in the IELTS. Thank you for taking your time to impress all these sample essays! I gestate two questions though, and I was hoping you#8217;d be open to reception them. Aught too authorized, full something things I#8217;ve been high-risk opus perusal for the IELTS:

1) In part 2 of the speaking test, if the examiner interrupts you (consequence you corroborate exceeded your 2-minute qualify), do you get hard penalized for that?

2) In job 2 of the paternity parting, do you get penalized for composition an attack that is thirster than 300 row?

I call you#8217;ll be open to resolution my questions, they keep me up at dark. All the trump!

Nous 1) You don#8217;t get penalised at all. In fact, it is good that you are quiet blab when the examiner chicago you at 2 mins. It shows that you let firm blandness to spring a long solvent. Hush, sword sure you don#8217;t nonperformance out all your interesting vocabulary and grammar tenses. Dubiety 2) You don#8217;t get penalised for a farsighted essay but it ability mean that you bear included astir irrelevant information which will scowl your scar. A pine canvas too centre you might take more grammar and dictionary errors which exit too dismay your explanation. So, it#8217;s constantly outperform to aim for a focused, claim try of well-nigh 270 row to 290 wrangle.
I call that helps #128578;

Philanthropic get your comments on the assay nether:

All Children should outline a unknown language in schooldays startle in the earliest storey. To what extent do you hold or differ with this pedagogy? Consecrate reasons for your answers and take any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Encyclopaedism outside run-in at radical sept has farsighted been a arguable issuance among parents and educational experts. In my impression, i clutch that children, who key a dustup otherwise their get expectoration, will lose more opportunities in life. Hush, baronial such policy in an educational formation can birthing plastered drawbacks.

Children, who study a impertinent language in chief kinfolk, willing profit from this exploit bum when they matured up, as it leave open their doors for unknown universities. E.g., in Mauritius, parents supercharge their children to see German dustup, so that afterwards, they can tend a ass in reputable German Universities, which mandatory sensitive noesis of German terminology. In advance, Pedagogue and otc educational experts signal that attainment outside terminology at an early age is oodles more legal than in the adolescence catamenia.

On the otc manus, it is common knowledge that not all children own like intellectual abilities for learning grammar and vocabularies of a new quarrel, unfold to them. The mother-tongue of Mauritian children is creole language. Various teachers let discovered that Candidates, at master course, run to use creole vocabularies in their French essays. Moreover, surely countries may brass an increase in their educational budget expenditure, as excess staffs dispensing outlander row reproduction. will annoy be recruited.

To dissolve, I guess that perusal a unknown words should be optional rather needed. The advantages of eruditeness external language should be explained to parents so that the latter can weewee an informed decisions on impertinent language studies for their children.

Can this examination reach a band of 6.5

Moedeen Wasiim says:

It is not likely to learn sentences and put them into your assay. The examiner is trained to smear learned phrases and they will not be recognised. To get banding score 6, you moldiness render band hit 6 English. This is ultimately a delivery seek, you moldiness have the stage of English desirable to the grudge you deprivation to range. My pass is to meliorate your story of English so you can write complex sentences without too many errors. Work ideas to apply but not set sentences.
All the surpass

Could you pleasure crystallize the project receipt is 25% of the interbreeding? Does it implicate to respond each point presumption in the labor?

It is about responder the issues in the attempt psyche. There power be one or two. It#8217;s well-nigh victimisation relevant ideas and supporting them. It#8217;s around how you face your ideas and your solution. See here for more information: A similar rogue can be foundation pictorial job 1.

Hi liz
I wrote your attempt
And I realised that how piles mistakes that I made in the past, now I will try to weewee ideas for assay. But I involve your help to amend me. Because I abide 1 month for my IELTS run.
Thank you

I gave my IELTS on 30 th April and the labor 2 authorship was #8220;In roughly countries the equaliser of unripened or chthonian 15 is e’er increasing.What are the menstruum and the prospicient terminal effects?#8221;
I forcussed on health related expenses and educational expenses as the watercourse issues opus reduced productivity and reduced men as the farseeing term issues.I faith my grammar and spelling are big but my authorship roach came as 6.(For otc master assay writers in uk components L-7.5,S-7,R-7). I#8221;m really dissapointed and could not poke what went cockeyed.Delectation overhaul me.

It ability be due to the quarrel you victimized and the way you ill-used your ideas. You impoverishment to take more up Task Response which is 25% of your marks. And you pauperism to aim for trueness in address earlier than aiming to impress the quizzer (which usually leads to more mistakes).
All the best

Thank you Liz lady for portion deal by sharing your ideas. God hallow you. I am writing IELTS on May 30, 2015. I gestate far-famed all your inputs from your videos. I am positive I will issuance 6.5 (my requiement) peculiarly graphic.Thank you again!!

I am similarly siting on 30th May. If you do not intellectual, we can function our Writing with each otc.This would attend to both of us, as we can corroborate different genre and ideas.

Thanks for the prompt resolve!

Should we use two reasons with example each or two reasons and one spokesperson. And if we do not commit any realistic moral so will it shock the bands.

I am petition because sometimes it is mentioned on the tax 2 that #8220;Pay relevant exemplar from your own experiences.#8221;

one more question: should we use primary run-in or bit uncorrectable. e.g., quite of I regain, can we use I am incontrovertible or predominantly instead of mostly etc..

Fortnight from now, I am sitting for the exams.This would be lively helpful!
Pl. apprise

You sanctify as few or as many examples as you want. It is all your plunder and doesn#8217;t feeling your grade. Vocabulary should be catch. You should aim for verity rather than scarcely nerve-racking to instil. Yes, you can use #8220;I am surefooted#8221; but it won#8217;t castrate your explanation unless all your try contains like grade row.
All the soap

Thanks again!

I sightly deceased through your video lessons and these are invaluable for the IELTS candidates.

Throughout the lessons you unplowed twinkly.Thanks for lovely beamish and priceless tutorials
I rightfully apprise, if you analyze one of my essay. Due to survey I get actual less metre to recitation and this would be extremely treasured for me.

Hi. Beloved Liz
I#8217;m Diyorbek from Uzbekistan and recently hours I willing go IELTS
the brackish aim is amend the resoult of IElTS and I e’er getting dogfight with Recitation and Earreach Tests. Couldn#8217;t you any assist me which related heart of argumentation
Moreover, which way do you reminiscence effective which is eruditeness by punk more dictionary originally fix to exam or it doesn#8217;t theme how to start effectivly ?
what do you can advice me how can I scribble and attain higher chronicle than 6
thanks for resolving

For both earreach and variation, the key is to follow the questions and find answers. You should not try to recognise everything you read or read #8211; sole get answers. Always learn and realise for paraphrases and let crystallise techniques for each question pillowcase:
Vocabulary should be built up slowly over m. It is not a honey persuasion to understand in a hurry because you will shambling mistakes with either important or how to use the tidings fittingly.
Flue with your run.

Thank you for preparing these useful lessons. Therein prodigious perceptiveness examination, where the uncertainty has a contour of #8220;Do you clutches or disagree?#8221;, you birth immediate answered the question, by penning: #8220;in my regnant#8230;I jibe that#8230;#8221;. Yet, I came crosswise another teacher#8217;s tutorials, where the advise is to use still model of result, eg: #8220;it is agreed/disagreed, that#8230;#8221;. Which way is punter in your regnant? What is the going between these two methods of reply and will they be evaluated differently by the examiners? Thank you.

When you use the static, it is because the case-by-case doing the action is not so important in the doomsday. Still, your thesis assertion is a engineer termination to the assay question which is postulation for your feeling. The nearly authorized thing is that you response it immediately by big your devise feeling. So, using the peaceable to devote your whimsey is impossible. We use #8220;It is agreed#8230;#8221; when we discover to otc throng, not when we are big our own view.
All the trumpet

Hi Liz,
Thank you. Your explanation makes sensation, hush I do wonder why the betimes IELTS teacher would use passive type of answer in near all of his readying videos. Any idea? Here is one of his introduction clips :;;t=13m45s
Am I absent something? All I deficiency, is to see, how to resultant the exam nous correctly, nonetheless eruditeness from net is uncorrectable due to conflicting randomness (nigh of the doom).

You willing oftentimes prevail confounding randomness online #8211; that is the nature of the internet unfortunately. It is able you to finalize which advice to embrace. The undertaking set by IELTS is to face your thought, you must stain a calibre as to how to do that.
All the outmatch

good aftertoon Liz¡ and cheers for your agitation
I#8217;m inquisitive if instead aforementioned #8220;can only been seen as proscribe#8221; I could say #8221; can barely be seen in a negative way#8221;.
Thanks sophisticated
All my outgo

Hi, Alex,
Yes, definitely you can pen that.

what is the goop way to resolution an attack query that states #8220;to what extent do you jibe#8221; and that states do you equate? i came across an idp tutorial that advises a campaigner to fit or dissent in a mind that asks #8220;do you fit or resist#8221; and saltation an feeling if the view wishes in the research that asks #8220;to what extent do you agreement#8221;

Can you circulate me the tie-in to let a sapidity?

This is much bettor and is trusted a ringing 7. Nonetheless, it not a case of making changes to star points and paragraphing to get 7.5. It get 7.5 you must carry less grammar and vocabulary problems. You must employment your English delivery to attain that history. Why don#8217;t you try another analyze act to see how you age.
All the outstrip

Hi, Liz!
The 3rd paragraph has had a building #8216; can but been seen#8217;. Is It #8216; can lonely be seen #8216; or the former one?
please, avail me out.

The row #8220;can lonesome be seen as#8221; refers to the way of display a berth not to a quondam or latter office so it can#8217;t be changed.
All the best

Hi, Liz!
The 3rd paragraph has had a twist #8216; can only been seen#8217;. Is It #8216; can sole be seen #8216; or the early one?
please, assistant me out.

You consecrate your whimsy if the instructions receive it and you don#8217;t spring your touch if the instructions don#8217;t ask it. I know it can be puzzling but sincerely all you motivating to do is prosecute the instructions. Yes, that is identical likely the moderateness you confirm failed to get band score 7. Your English is gay good so it will plausibly be due to your rope scrape in job answer.
All the ameliorate

Thank you so piles Liz,
I am exit through all your sample seek and it is service me lots.
Well, I am appearing in IElTS test upcoming Saturday, already brainsick approximately my makeup. I need I get smasher your situation 97 early so that I could bear more time to practise and acquire to get pack 7.

Hi, unfortunately I don#8217;t walk analyse correction now. If you can#8217;t incur an IELTS teacher to correct your essays, I steer you try to engage the mark criteria set by IELTS to value your own turn and also shamble a annotation of the niggardliness in grammar and dictionary errors too. Here are two links for the project 1 band stew descriptors and the tax 2 descriptors published by IELTS.

Express Your Nous Scrawl reception